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DSC Belonging Leads

This year DSC schools have appointed Belonging Leads to support and further develop the good work already taking place in this Focus Area.  Robyn Healy (DPVC, Belonging) and Rachel Wilson (L&T Innovation Lead, Belonging) are working closely with this group.

School Belonging Lead
Architecture and Urban Design Richard Black (Architecture)
Roger Kemp (Interior Design)
Philip Belesky (Landscape Architecture)
Art Fleur Summers
Design Juan Sanin
Education Melanie Reynolds (VE)
Michelle Parente (Admin)
Kathy Littlewood (HE)
Fashion and Textiles Angela Finn
Global Urban and Social Sciences Anne Fitzpatrick (VE)
Juiliana Ryan (HE)
Dianne Mackay (VE)
Media and Communciation Kerin Elsum
Property, Construction & Project Management Rhea Chenery
David Oswald
Wejendra Reddy

Breakfast of Champions

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 8.59.13 pm.png

It seems to be the season of graduate networking and celebrations. Unfortunately I was not at this recent breakfast, but Yannick was, and he has provided both the words and picture.

Graduates from the Master of Advertising got together in RMIT’s Garden Building for a breakfast event on Tuesday this week. 

Among the students were B. Comm (Advertising) undergraduates who received the D&AD Pencil Award for excellence in design and advertising, and with it, international recognition from the creative scheme based in London. These achievements were celebrated by Master of Advertising Program Manager, Julie Bilby, and Advertising Lecturer, Kerin Elsum.

The event also highlighted the importance of developing an alumni network that can connect back to a program by unveiling the newly created Master of Advertising LinkedIn group, which aims to recognise the achievements of over 500 students, from internships to post program successes. 

Guest speaker and Master’s program alumnus, Richie Taaffe, closed the event with industry advice that carried him through to his current role at Clemenger BBDO as Group Business Director for NAB. 

Nominations open for RMIT Awards for Excellence

Awards for Excellence

There are a number of different awards available to our staff. Details available here.

Each award recognises a different aspect of what makes the University a rich environment for students and staff in all capacities.

The awards include:

Changes to The Academy

The former Learning and Teaching Academy team has merged with the Learning Environments team in a new unit Learning and Teaching Design. Tass Katsoulidis is the Director of Learning and Teaching Design.

While the Academy no longer exists as an entity it will become a Community of Practice of all RMIT staff who have won teaching awards. We are promised more details shortly.

There have also been a number of staff changes within the team.  Julie Willems, Charlotte Brack and Ludmilla Budnik have all moved on to other projects outside RMIT. The team is currently in the process of appointing a fixed term Academic Developer (responsible for the L&T Conference and the 1300 Club) while recruiting for continuing appointments.

Awards are still being handled by Kym Fraser and Thien Bui. The Essentials Program is being led by Gretchen Geng.

Thanks to Grace Lynch for this update.


FoR1300 Club

Are you an education researcher? Do you code your research in the 1300s? If yes, then we want you in our club!

The FoR1300 club is being established as a dynamic, research-informed knowledge leader for the strategic orientation and promotion of the scholarship of teaching and learning at RMIT. It will provide a platform for the discussion, collaboration, and feedback of scholarly pursuits in learning and teaching across all disciplines, including mutual research interests, competitive grants, publications and peer recognition.

The ‘Launch FoR 1300s’ event is a celebration of all those researching and publishing in the field of research (FoR) code 13 (Education). The event is a celebration of this very important area of research in academia, hear about what is happening at RMIT, and a chance to meet and network with others over morning tea.

Hosted by Martin Bean, Belinda Tynan, Denise Cuthbert and Jeff Brooks we hope you’ll be able to join us to celebrate the beginning of this exciting community.

Didn’t receive an invitation? Come along anyway!

When: Wednesday, 6 June, 9:30am – 11:00am
Where: Kaleide Theatre Foyer, 360 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Lunch Wrap in F&T

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 3.50.58 pm.png

DSC Divine 9 program, the Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Hons) held a terrific session yesterday for first year students. Over lunch the students had time to take stock,  reflect and connect to the discipline. Bookending the first semester, this event worked well with Orientation to support students in their transition to university.

With many staff on hand the two and half-hour session included terrific welcomes from PM Denise Sprynskyj and Dean of School Robyn Healy that had me ready to enrol! Nyssa Marrow and Jo Cramer facilitated a thoughtfully-designed session that allowed students to reflect on and share their learning to date and a series of exercises and presentations positioned students well for their remaining assessment.

A great event that brought together the themes of Belonging and Every Graduate Ready in style.


Graduate Outcome Survey – final week

We are in the final push of the Graduate Outcome Survey (GOS), which closes on 29 May. The GOS is a national survey of recent higher education graduates, conducted for the Australian Government Department of Education and Training. The GOS collects data on full and part-time employment, overall employment, enterprise formation and median salary. With university funding likely to be dependent in part on GOS results, this survey is an increasingly important part of academic life.

Response rates across the college are down on last year. The University and the Social Research Centre, who conducts the survey for the Government, will contact non-responders, but I also encourage you also to reach out through your alumni networks and encourage recent graduates to complete the GOS.

I know many programs are already doing this. I’ve enjoyed attending a number of events hosted by programs across DSC throughout the survey period. These initiatives have brought our recent graduates back onto campus and communicated the importance of completing the GOS. Thank you for your work in pulling these events together. I expect schools and programs will continue this work to the last days of the survey.

For those of you who’d like a bit of help, please contact Learning and Teaching Innovation Lead,

Update on MID

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 6.03.40 am

News from the University of Melbourne on the development of the former Royal Women’s Hospital site as part of the Melbourne Innovation Districts project.

In this article, Mark Menhinnitt, Lendlease Urban Regeneration Managing Director, said

“This purpose-built facility will set a new benchmark in education and industry collaboration that meets the highest standards of design and sustainability, while also honouring the site’s heritage and history.”

The 74,000 sqm precinct will feature a series of connecting buildings arranged around a central and publicly-accessible open space. In addition to co-working and commercial office space, the precinct will feature a Fab Lab, student accommodation and a ‘Superfloor’ dedicated to collaboration and fostering the exchange of ideas.

Dr Julie Wells, University of Melbourne’s Vice-Principal (Policy and Projects), said that the precinct will be a place for the local community to live, work and exchange ideas through a vast program of events such as hackathons, workshops, exhibitions and social events.

It will also include shops, cafes, public spaces, accommodation for graduate students and visiting academics, a childcare centre and Science Gallery Melbourne, which will deliver exhibitions, events and experiences.

More details on MID available here.

Indigenising the Curriculum – What’s the Point?

The Bundyi Girri (shared futures) initiative at RMIT University has emerged from the University Strategic Plan to 2020; University Operating Plan 2017 and University’s Reconciliation Action Plan. It looks not only at the role of Indigenous knowledges for students but also at staff knowing themselves. This is a conversation about moving forward.

Please join us for the next in the 2018 L&T Symposia series to discuss Indigenising the Curriculum. Provocation for this event will be provided by an RMIT University panel led by Prof Mark MacMillan, Deputy PVC Indigenous Education and Engagement, in addition to staff representatives of the university.

When: Thurday 14 June 2018, 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm
Where: Building 16 (Storey Hall), Auditorium (Level 5)
Register here

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